Friday, November 21, 2003

Oh, fer fuck's sake...

Okay, so I guess this is how a multinational retailer that suddenly finds itself involved in a front-page debacle with its workers diverts attention...by exploiting more of their workers.

Trust me, W-M's got no problems with some of their inbred cashiers flashing and spreading for Playboy. Seriously, if they did, the lawsuits and corporate killings would have flashed out well before the general public got wind of it. Fuckers. Bastards. Assholes.

Right, okay, I'm not putting up a link, but I grabbed this from the front page of THE ONION, which should have better sense than to accept this kind of crap. ESPECIALLY when the lead story involves DeLay passing a white-collar minimum wage. Goddammit, can't I trust anything these days?

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