Monday, November 03, 2003

I've decided that I believe in Jesus, but only because I'm hoping for a fucking explanation or, at the very least, a chance to get some licks in 'fore I get my ass kicked.

I believe in love, because I wouldn't be sitting here right now if it weren't for love, and you have to believe in things that put your ass in one place or another.

I believe in belief, because if we didn't believe in some goddamned thing then we'd end up believing in some other goddamned thing and since you've gotta believe in something, you may as well go straight to the heart of things.

I believe that a picture will never have the strength of words or music, and I believe that I will continue, throughout my life, to find words and music that will make me want to believe in more than I already do.

I believe that there is a master architect of some stripe and that his day is made by fucking with our hearts and our minds. I also tend to believe that this is essentially okay, so long as there's an ultimate point.

I believe that sitting and thinking is as worthy an activity as skiing, kayaking, bowling, drinking, dancing, singing, fucking, laughing, writing, painting, working, sleeping, eating, driving, skydiving, playing piano, reading a good book or making a kickass stew.

I believe that the only justice comes in not fucking with people who're weaker than you just 'cause they're weaker than you. That said, I believe there is some justice in fucking with people who're stronger than you just to keep them on their goddamned toes.

I believe that Buttons' eyes are the truest, deepest, most astounding blue I've ever seen.

I believe that creation divorces you from destruction, and that destruction can't help but make you desire creation.

I believe that riding on the bus can -- with the right music, frame of mind, and time of day -- allow such insight into humanity that it screws up your soul a little bit.

I believe in pals, family and chasing after the tenuous.

I believe there's a purpose, and Christ I hope I figure it out.

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