Thursday, November 27, 2003

Just a quickie, 'cause my crab artichoke heart dip is in the oven and I haven't got long.

A.) A big fuck you to FARK for giving the "Bush visits Iraq" story a HERO plug. Drew, smell naked campaigning when it smacks you in the face. Jr. spent millions of your tax dollars to fly in long enough to make some remarks and get a thousand photos taken before hauling ass out of there, exactly as he did when he landed on an aircraft carrier to get pictures of himself in a flight suit. And, really, he snuck in and snuck out, so please don't tell me about him being in personal danger. Tell the 125,000 troops getting shot at every day that Jr. was a hero for taking the "same" risk as them. It's shit, and it surprises me that such an otherwise cynical guy has swallowed it hook & line.

B.) An even bigger fuck you to Congress for passing that travesty of a Medicare bill. It's only "reform" if "reform" can be considered the same thing as "demolition." The really sad part is that the whole fucking country knew about it, yet the legislation still went through.

Please, somebody put a brick through Tom DeLay's abdomen, okay? I'm very goddamned tired of this shit.

Happy motherfucking Thanksgiving.

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