Tuesday, September 09, 2003

CLEVELAND -- Mystery "tiles" with a strange message are being noticed all over the world, including two embedded into the streets of Cleveland.

Here's a list someone made up of tile locations all over the U.S.

My boy Richie had an idea similar to this a few years ago, which was to use letterpunches to imprint lines of poetry, or whatever, into thin metal plates, which would then be superglued to buildings in unobtrusive but still observable spots. It was a great idea, but we never worked out the logistics of it (although I did rifle the pages of my McMaster-Carr looking for adhesive that would grab metal on one side and masonry on the other). This reminds me, also, of one of the best pieces of stealth graffiti I ever spotted: stickers in the NYC subways that replaced the black & white "AIR-CONDITIONED CAR - Keep Windows Closed" stickers with ones that were graphically identical but read something like "KARMA-CONDITIONED CAR - Watch What You Do." That was a fine bit of cleverness on somebody's part. If that happened to be you, drop me a line. I'll send you some cookies or something.

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