Friday, September 19, 2003

Up from the ashes.

After two years of declining values, the rich finally got richer. On this, FORBES' 21st annual edition of The Forbes 400, the aggregate net worth of the nation's wealthiest 400 citizens leapt 10% in the past year, to $955 billion--just one Bill Gates away from $1 trillion. Leading the charge: Internet stocks. Jeff Bezos added more than $3 billion to his net worth with a tripling of Amazon's share price. Chief Yahoos David Filo and Jerry Yang nearly tripled their wealth, while the fortunes of Ebay's Pierre Omidyar and Meg Whitman rose almost 50%. With help from a fin-challenged clown fish named Nemo, Steve Jobs moved up 44 places in our rankings to 78th.

Y'know, this might not be quite so sickening if the reporters who compiled the info weren't so fucking gleeful about the amount of money these people control. There're more idiotically wealthy people named in the article, so if you're getting together your checklist of who's going up against the wall when the revolution comes, you might wanna click on over.

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