Sunday, September 14, 2003

Okay, that's pretty much it for the day. Just watched Adaptation which, like everyone said a couple years ago when it came out, started out strong and then got kinda silly in the second half. Which just kinda proves that while it's not so tough to come up with a new and clever way of telling a story, you've still gotta pull off the actual storytelling.

Whatever. Being John Malkovitch was clever and still told a story we wanted to see. Adaptation, I think, tried so hard to make fun of stories that we don't really want to see that it became a story we didn't really want to see.

Awfully nice, however, to see Nicky Cage not all cut and walking into a wind machine with his hair blowing out behind him. That shit was getting damned old.

G'night, kidlins. Billy's got a long day of justifying his existence tomorrow, so I'm toddling off. Sweet dreams.

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