Friday, September 12, 2003

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US government contracts for Iraqi reconstruction given to oil giant Halliburton Co. are now worth some two billion dollars and could go higher, the army said.

This one pretty much speaks for itself, although it's worth pointing out that the article mentions a separate $1 billion 10-year contract for troop support, and that Halliburton (Kellogg, Brown & Root, actually, the original company from which much of Halliburton's wealth has sprung) has already received $247 million from the American government. Ironically, much of this has been spent on diesel fuel and LP gas which, despite Iraq's tremendous oil and natural gas fields, is currently being imported. This is your government at work, kids. 'less you're the guys from Denmark or Singapore or Saudi Arabia that've been checking in, in which case, this is the government that will probably be invading your country soon.

You might wanna think about how you feel about that.

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