Monday, September 15, 2003

ST. PETERSBURG - Industrial rock band, Hell On Earth will feature a “live suicide” at their State Theatre performance in St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday, October 4th. A Euthanasia Society member will carry out the suicide to raise awareness for dying with dignity. The Euthanasia member, who suffers from a terminal illness, is using the event as a platform to help make back-street suicides a thing of the past.

Though his identity is being withheld until the day of the event, he did have this to say, “I thank the lord that Hell On Earth is giving me this opportunity to end my suffering. I just want to say as my last will and testament that this is my god given choice to end my life. I’d prefer to have a physician-assisted suicide but until the laws are changed, those who are in pain like me will either have to continue to suffer or do it themselves.”

Ah, Florida.

The...funny(?)...part of this is that the press release was found on a commercial site advertising hot sauce, as well as the band's cd's and tees and suchlike shit. Why am I picturing a bunch of giggling longhairs who smoke just as much crappy weed as their landscaping jobs provide for? *Sigh* I wish I was a rock star too...

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