Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Michael Powell: One sweatin' bitch.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 - The Senate approved a resolution today to repeal all of the new regulations that would make it easier for the nation's largest media companies to grow bigger.

By a vote of 55 to 40, the Republican-controlled Senate defied the White House and issued a stinging political rebuke of Michael K. Powell, the Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and architect of the rules.

...the Senate vote demonstrated broad bipartisan hostility to the new rules and, as one lawmaker said today, a symbolically important vote of no confidence in Mr. Powell. Twelve Republicans and one independent joined 42 Democrats in voting for the resolution. It was opposed by 38 Republicans and 2 Democrats, Zell Miller of Georgia and John Breaux ofLouisianaa.

Speaking of Mr. Powell, Senator Byron L. Dorgan, the North Dakota Democrat and chief sponsor of the resolution, said: "I think he has made a horrible mistake. His leadership at the commission has led the commission to cave in to the special interests as quickly and as thoroughly as I've ever seen."

The vote was only the second time in history that the Senate has used a parlimentary procedure known as a resolution of disapproval to, in effect, veto an action by a regulator. It also had broader support than the final tally — four of the five senators absent from the chamber, including three presidential candidates, have said they would have voted for it.

What continues to astound and bother me about this is A.) that Michael Powell is beginning to fight fucking CONGRESS about the rules that he's obviously planning on making some money off of (remember, Colin Powell was with AOL/Time Warner before losing his mind and throwing in with Bush; can you say stock options?). The littlest Powell needs to recognize that he's nothing but a glorified public servant and to shut his fucking ass when the people speak. & B.) That Junior is threatening a presidential veto if Congress votes down the new rules. Why? Can he point to any gains for the country? Or can he only point to protecting and bribing special interest groups that are absolutely pivotal to his '04 presidential campaign?

The whole thing stinks, goddammit. How long are we going to take it?

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