Sunday, September 21, 2003

The criticisms of President Bush aren't surprising: He's bungling the war in Iraq; his budget deficits are disastrous; he's trampling civil liberties; his spending plans are misguided.

But the source of those criticisms is: They're increasingly coming from conservatives.

Think tank studies, op-ed columns, talk radio callers and opinion polls show conservatives' disenchantment with Bush's policies and priorities has been climbing, although nowhere near as much as it has among liberals. And although those dismayed conservatives might rally round him in next year's presidential election, his campaign aides are keeping a close eye on the trend.

Which is to say, the pack might, finally, be turning on an alpha male who was always noticeably lacking in the balls to do the job. If a man's got no scars, how dangerous can he be?

Also, conservatives: Bully for you for showing some loyalty, but fuck, fuck, FUCK you for backing a weasel with no greater ambition than an American colony in the Middle East and schoolkids reciting the lord's prayer before lunch. First Reagan, now Junior. Do you guys have something against smart people?

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