Monday, September 22, 2003

Passengers have rushed to snap up tickets for the final flights on Concorde before it is retired from service.

A third of the 450 tickets available were snapped up within 90 minutes of going on sale at 0900 BST.

Flights between London and New York are sold out for 22 and 23 October despite a price tag of £4,350 one-way and up to £8,292 for a return trip.

This makes me a little sad. Some of the sci-fi just went out of the future and we're all stuck in subsonic planes. When I was a kid we got promised flights from NYC to London in twenty minutes; LA to Instanbul in an hour and change, the flights going suborbital, glancing the top of the atmosphere and rolling over to give the well-belted passengers a gasping glance of the hard white stars of near-Earth space.

I miss my naivete.

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