Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Me now big manager-man. Me wear rust-colored buttondown and khakis. Me make small talk with small employees while me silently judge them and assess their weaknesses. Me look at longhair deathmetal Scientologist and think he addict. Me look at pudgy Elvishead Evangelic with sterling silver crucifix and think he weak and unreliable. Me look at crazy Scientologist owner and think he talking out of butt-hole. Me read through old personnel files and think this place run by idiots. Me try to clean and me find more messes wherever me clean up old messes. Me get keys and me get pointed out circuit breakers and me get shown how to seal building against marauders. Me get gladhanded and shown old ways of doing things and think they archaic and me think that me have to think of new ways of doing things. Me work and work and eat lunch and smoke cigarettes and work and ride bus home and make chili-mac with Buttons and eat too much and now me tired and full.

So now me go.

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