Tuesday, June 17, 2003

All right, my ass is kicked. Blogger's been down for days, then it went and got fixed by some nice person named Christine, except that it wasn't fixed until I hunted down the email that told me it was fixed, and then it was fixed.

My computer is laughing at me.

Right, anyway, lost a nice sold rant in there, thinking that deleting posts might help the problem. Yeah, that's how much I know about this shit. Anyway, did see the National Debt Clock in Midtown this afternoon (right after I handed a package off to a Deliverance-esque toothless old motherfucker. Apparently, NYC couriers working for Eddy aren't necessarily up to the same appearance standards as us CT losers), and it turns out the your personal share of the ND is now well over $71,000. Last time I saw it, a couple years ago, it was under $64,000 and falling.

Thanks, George! And to think, I was almost ready to feel secure about my financial future.

Although, ironically enough, I made a fuckload today, and found out that I can carry 160 lbs. for at least the length of a decently long hallway. That was a nice discovery. Get tired of being a weak little motherfucker, y'know?

Yeah, anyway, been dicking with this for FAR too long, and I've got a test tomorrow. I'll be back later if anything astounding happens in my bedroom over the next couple of hours. Although, with Buttons over on the Wrong Coast, that seems unlikely. Maybe there'll be a mouse or something.

I'd be waiting with bated breath, were I you.

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