Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Hey there, kidlins. Bright and sunny warm in Fairfield County today, which has made my wagon attempt to consume all of its fluids at one point or another today. I must proceed with a radiator flush and new front brakes posthaste. I am tired of watching the temp gauge at all times and shimmying up to stopsigns.


Nothing worth writing about today. Going up to the BC for tux fitting w/Pop in a few minutes which should be just sorta terrifying. My Ben Sherman messenger bag showed up, which is cool, but Dad's d-day present hasn't, and the lack of communication with the seller is putting a bit of a bug up my ass. D apparently likes the vignette and is inspired vis a vis the next pic. Which is a fine, fine thing.

Uh, yeah.

Okay, out. Have to go sit in traffic on the Merrit for a while. Bringing Joe, Elvis, Buddy and maybe Bob with me. Just to drive Dad nuts.

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