Monday, June 02, 2003

GODDAMN THE FCC. The littlest Powell can suck my cock. Anybody who disregards half a million contrary emails from real people to make the corps happy can suck my cock.

Hope you idiots can remember how to think for yourselves, 'cause your public info dispersement just got even more narrow-focus. I'll say it again, for anyone who might not have been paying attention before:

Read between the lines. Realize that ALL OF THEM ARE LYING TO YOU. They don't love you, they don't need you, they don't care about you. They want your dollars and your silent consent. They already own the planet. They just want you to understand it.

Don't throw bombs, children, but be prepared to.

Maybe I'm wrong about the last part. Maybe the time for preparation is over, y'know?

(Crap, now the DHS dickheads are gonna be watching. What's the word fellas?)

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