Thursday, June 05, 2003

I need a digital camera, because I had to deliver a C & L package here today, and OhMiGolly, you can't imagine what it was like to approach this place. It looms over you, salivating, waiting to suck you in, fully intending to make you piss yourself if you've been summoned to appear inside. This massive white beast, filled to the brim with lawyers and cops and law. It's like a pestilence. A BIG pestilence. You could hold a demolition derby in the main plaza. You could house an ICBM in the lobby atrium.

What you CAN'T do, however, is find a picture on Google that shows how truly ball-shrivelingly imposing it is on a bright and sunny Long Island afternoon (This is the best I could find, which ain't much). Which is why I need a digital camera (or a Nokia camphone), so that I can show you.

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