Thursday, June 26, 2003

This is nothing, but how come nobody ever picked up for real on the Sandbenders deal? Seriously. I mean, c'mon, we've all got comps and pdas and phones and iPods and whatever else kinda bullshit. Why don't we wanna pretty 'em up? Fuck, man, I'd be willing to drop some good bread on a bronze lappy with mammoth ivory keys, or a Nokia with a copper body and walnut shell buttons. Wouldn't you? A discman fitted into a giant polished clamshell. A Palm snugged away inside a recycled silver cigarette case, demon symbols and signs of the Zodiac inscribed on the outside.

Jesus, this could be the new art. This could be where the technology takes us that's worth going. Engineering and clever mathematics is only the first half. The rest HAS to be soul & aesthetics &, jesus brothers and sisters, for motherfucking real ART.

Buttons, get on this right away, wouldja? I'm gonna tear apart my old lappie and send you the bits. I'll be expecting something cool when I hit the Emerald City...

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