Monday, June 30, 2003

"I think I was in a car with a loony-suicide-fucker last night. I wanted to ask why he wanted to hide a hand grenade in his car but I was really really scared. He just might decide to stick the hand grenade down my throat, because it is Halal to kill those who are agents of the infidel occupier.
What do you do when you are in a car with someone who asks you about the best place to hide a hand grenade?"

Raed is on his way to Basra, although he isn't saying why. Sounds as though Baghdad is really just getting worse and worse. Unfortunately, the situation is so very, very typically American, and very typically male: Walk in tough, bust some skulls, kick out the "bad guys", and then scratch our heads, trying to figure out why everything's not suddenly just all right.

I dunno what to do about this, honestly. But, I'm absolutely positive that this is just a few months from becoming the next Vietnam. That the hundred thousand troops stationed in Iraq will be joined by another hundred thousand, that the non-American portion of the "Coalition Forces" will pull out, that the US will begin to steadily and quietly sack Iraq, strip it to the bone in the name of "rebuilding," fixing a few roads, factories, a hospital or two, but won't put any real effort into setting up a self-perpetuating government until the oil reserves are 80% depleted and there are daily bomb attacks on US embassies and businesses. And even then, the soldiers will stay and fight, 'cause the US can't lose any kinda war. Even a stuupid one that they shouldn't have anything to do with.

Drifting and the crazy eye music has died down to nothing. Billyhank needs some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's.

Sleep well, children-

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