Friday, June 20, 2003

Okay, sliding one in under the wire, just to maintain a streak. Back to the big scary Fed courthouse in Islip today, coupla scarily friendly security guys helping me out to timestamp a motherfuckload of stuff. Ah, well. Should be worth $$$$$.

Yeah, found a link page that hits to nothing but little goth girls and their livejournals, in which they discuss 1.) Booze (every one is a teenie, so, therefore, are still operating in the booze is cool mode [as opposed to old fuckers like me, who're operating in booze is occasionally fundemental mode. There's a difference, okay?]) 2.) Boys. Generally boys with whom they drink but do not desire any sort of physical contact. And admonishments to the girlfriends of those boys to just chill the fuck out, 'cause there is no desire involved in the drinking. 3.) How sick they are. Literally. Ill. Coughing and sneezing and ejecting wastes at high velocities from various orifi. Fascinating shit, indeed.

I used to moon over the broken girls. For the life of me, I dunno why.


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