Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Even before a panel issues its report on the Columbia disaster, NASA has concluded that no enormous changes will be required before the shuttle fleet returns to space.

Thank God.

I'm more than mildly surprised that NASA reached this conclusion, honestly. I've gotten so used to this more constantly prevailing attitude of "Well, if it's not 100% absolutely safe, we just won't do it." And if it's not 100% safe, it's been established, someone can get their ass sued off for it. Like the fatasses who hit McDonald's with a suit 'cause they ate too many fries. Kids, fatty, greasy foods will make you fat. Period. It's the way the body works. And, yes, fatty, greasy foods taste good, so therefore you'll be tempted to eat a lot of them.

The thing with NASA really came down to someone making the unspoken but obvious decision to continue forward despite the fact that the Shuttle really is conceptually nothing more than a paper airplane strapped to a bottle rocket. That the shit's worked as well as it has is something amazing. And if you want it to be safer, shit, drop the $$$ to design a new fleet that doesn't rely on such volitile elements to hoist it into space. There's gotta be a way. Cut the defense budget and give it to the rocket nerds. C'mon, it'll be better in the long run. Seriously, once we figure out how to cut asteroids loose and drop 'em on our *enemies*, who's gonna fuck with us?

You paying attention, Jr.?

Little pinhead fuckwad zero asshole jackass.

Right. Out.

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