Wednesday, June 18, 2003

A possible new personal best for this gig today. Made it from Union Square (like 15th St. and Park, for the uninitiated) to Tarrytown DURING rush hour in like half-an-hour. Yeah, motherfuckers. To quote Dave in Dispatch: "Shit, that was fast. Hovercraft?" I was witty: "Nah. Bazooka."

Wretched, my life. Plus, yeah 41 Union Square West has THE slowest fucking elevator EVER. Plus it's small. Tight as all hell. Rode it down from 7 to 3 before I gave up and just sprinted down the stairs. I was illegally parked, although the street was full of parked cars. Walking back, I realized that every car but mine had some kind of NYPD sign on the dashboard. The Saab parked behind the wagon, for instance, was apparently an NYPD surgeon. Which is to say; there's always parking in the City, just so long as you've got the stones to bluff. And if you're leaving the coast in a few weeks and could give a fuck about NYC parking tickets.

Right, just off the treadmill, tired, Karina's sick and I need new glasses. Nothing, really, to talk about.


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