Monday, June 30, 2003

A 39-year-old man held his wife hanging from a window on the second floor, holding a knife against her throat, while their two children were watching.


Two naked men aged 22 and 23 were running around threatening holidaymakers with an axe on Saturday morning.


Norwegian hard rock band Turbonegro was stopped by police at a security control at the airport in Stuttgart as a 46 cm long knife was detected in a guitar case.

According to band member Thomas Seltzer, the band has brought the knife with them all over the world without any problems.
Seltzer, alias Happy Tom, explained to New Musical Express (NME) that the knife is part of a stick that band member Hank von Helvete always brings along with him. The knife is being used for cutting up feather duvets and for photo shoots.


A single mother from Helgeland, Norway, is suspected of having poisoned her 8-year-old daughter with arsenic.

So, yeah. What the Christing fuck is wrong with Norway?

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