Friday, June 13, 2003

"A telling anecdote: When an employee tried to stop Mr. DeLay from smoking a cigar on government property, the majority leader shouted, "I am the federal government." Not quite, not yet, but he's getting there."

I am beginning to love Paul Krugman. Anybody who holds pretty much the same opinion as me and backs it up with some damned hard proof and then publishes it for several million people to read makes me happy.

BTW, fuckin' CBS 880 anchormonkey quoted a NY Times poll today, then proceeded to chuckle and say, "Since this was a NY Times poll, our man on the street decided to check those results..." Real journalism is about to tank, hard. Gaines NEVER shoulda left his post. It was a cowardly move, no matter what he claims as his reason, and it's going to take the away the credibility of just about the last real newspaper left in this country.


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