Tuesday, October 21, 2003

40 OxyContin pill
40-bar OxyContin pill
80 OxyContin pill
AC/DC Codeine cough syrup
Ah-pen-yen Opium
AIP Heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan
Al Capone Heroin
Antifreeze Heroin
Aries Heroin
Atom bomb Marijuana mixed with heroin
Aunt Hazel Heroin
Aunti Opium

From the White House's list of street names for drugs. My fave is "Joy Powder" for coke. Joy Powder? Seriously, what kind of self-respecting addict is gonna go up to his neighborhood dealer and ask for Joy Powder?

Yeah. Looks like the White House folks haven't moved along too much from Just Say No, huh?

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