Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Coming home today, this blonde girl, maybe 20, 21, gets on @ around the kids' hospital and then jumps off like two stops later and I'm noticing that 'cause the stops -- the one she got on at and the one she jumped off at -- are only a few blocks apart, and it seems silly to drop $1.50 to save yourself a little walk up the hill. So, yeah, we're pulling away and she flips the bird at the bus, looks all angry and prissy and man, that was just sad. Like, she got one looking kinda pissed and apparently her bus ride did nothing to help. And I've gotta wonder what happened, right? Like, did her boy bust up with her between the hospital and 45th? Did somebody grope her or stare her down or refuse to clean their shit off the seat for her? Weird, that. Maybe the bus driver gave her shit 'cause she couldn't find her pass and kicked her off or...shit, I dunno. Too many possiblities. Felt bad fer her, though. Just rotten to hafta get off the bus in such a state that you flip it off. Although I can understand the urge. The 70 today was driven by some crazy shithead who slammed on the brakes EVERY time we came to a stop. I've never seen so many about-to-disembark bus riders nearly go through the windshield.

But, yeah, so that's kinda sad and I'm listening to EELS again which isn't exactly perking me the fuck up and so I get off @ 60th to walk down the hill a little and get some fucking exercise and I look up and there's this rainbow arcing from one end of the horizon to the other, rising from the craggy mountains of clouds in the northern sky and flying off to only God knows where.


I'll always love the East, but the West gives me small gifts. I may well make a mistress of this place.

Out for beers, but back soon.

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