Monday, October 06, 2003

Listening to EELS and drinking a Henry Weinhard's ale and it's raining and gray and the bus was filled with wan-faced college kids cruising from campus to the student housing up the street and I came in the door of the apt and it smelled like sugar and sweet and my baby left the lights on for me and there was a letter from the little sis filled with Poor Bear font and news from the East and, and, and shit, I'm blue for no fucking reason beyond music and atmosphere and I hate, Hate, HATE coming home to an empty home 'cause I love my baby, love my girl, love my monkey and want to just hold her all the night long.

And, dammit, I'm still missing my kids.


Gonna go see what FARK's got to say today. Never mind me. Gotta get off that fucking bus, I think.

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