Thursday, October 09, 2003

Looked in the mirror last night/and all I saw was a pretty blonde

Sorry, still EELS. Electro Shock Blues. I dug Beautiful Freak, but this other one is hitting me in all kinds of weird places. Dig and dig and dig, despite being kinda sad.

Yeah, so just got off the phone with MikE! who's sounding his good self, as always. I miss that fuckin' hippy. One more reason to head back East sometime before the sparkle and new of Jet City wears off. Want to be able to stand with my feet in both worlds, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, that's it. Just here and it's raining a bit and the Sox are losing to the Yanks (which'll make Dad happy, but, man, I'd love to be able to call and gloat a little) and my monkey is just about two hours from home and I'm thinking about Magnolia 'cause MikE! mentioned it 'cause of the whole rain of frogs deal from a couple days ago and, y'know, just kinda here and thinking that I'm either in the kickstart phase of a new life or entrenching myself into the patterns of the old, and I'm not quite sure how to jump, honestly. Do new things, new experiences, make a new life? Does new love make you see differently?

Dunno. Love my monkey, miss my kids, dig Jet City, itching to hit the Apple. It's either a wash or a balance. Not sure which.

Out, for now. Probably be back later. Have yerself a little bit 'o fun, okay?

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