Monday, October 13, 2003

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Identical letters signed by different soldiers describing their accomplishments in Iraq (news - web sites) have been appearing in newspapers across the United States.

It was unclear who wrote the letter or organized sending it, USA Today reported. The letter-writing campaign could violate military ethics if it was intended to sway public opinion.

The letter from soldiers in the Kirkuk-based Second Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment said the northern city had become "our home away from home."

"The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored, and we are a large part of why that happened," the letter said. "The majority of the city has welcomed our presence with open arms."

Identical letters have appeared in 11 newspapers, the daily said.

Hoboy. Look, anybody out there who hasn't read 1984 should rush out and do so, right goddamned now. Jr. and his crew have made a study of it, although they seem to think that nobody is gonna notice.

Go read this article. Towards the bottom it describes a platoon sergeant passing the letter around and asking troops to sign it, and a soldier who didn't know that he'd sent such an eloquent letter to his hometown paper until his father called to congratulate him for it.

Seriously, kids, can you say My government lies to me?

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