Tuesday, October 14, 2003

A PRIEST arrested for allegedly making threatening telephone calls had in his home Nazi paraphernalia, pistols and $US80,000 ($116,000) supposedly taken from a church poor box, The New York Times reported overnight.

John Johnson's home in Queens borough had three unregistered hand guns, The New York Times said, citing police sources.

Police found the weapons while arresting Johnson for allegedly making threatening telephone calls to a school where he had worked.

Johnson himself led police to the $US80,000 ($116,000) in cash hidden in the bathroom of his home. Police told the Times that the money had been taken from the poor box at Saint Martin church on Long Island over a period of years when Johnson said mass there on weekends.

Johnson also had Nazi memorabilia and pornography, according to the same sources.

This may be the absolute definition of lurid; a story so jaw-dropping, so movie-of-the-week, that an Australian news organ is reprinting material from half the world away.

Ah, Queens.

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