Saturday, October 25, 2003

Pulled this from a Times article a few days ago but can't find the article right now, although you should go hunt it down. Very cool stuff about people building weird stealth computers into cool cases (such as the toaster computer above), based around this tiny motherboard that was (if memory serves) only a few inches on a side. This goes back to the SANDBENDERS thing, really, although Gibson had some cooler ideas with the idea of mother-of-pearl cases, cd-roms made out of hammered silver, etc. Cool to see, though, that the hot-rodding of computers has truly begun and that these big boxes that we're peering at all the time are soon going to become just set pieces for shows & movies set in the late 20th century, akin to squawkbox telephones, "horseless carriage"-type automobiles and tv's with 5-inch screens.

Going shopping w/Buttons. Let you know what we got later.

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