Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Scream flick viewers witnessed some real-life violence Sunday when a Dorchester man stabbed a father whose sneakers were resting on the back of his seat - retribution for ignoring pleas to turn off his cell phone, police said.

``I guess you could call this phone rage,'' Randolph police Lt. Richard Crowley said. ``You have to obey movie house etiquette: Turn off your phone and don't put your feet up.''

It all began about 7 p.m. in the Showcase Cinemas on Mazzeo Drive when a Randolph girl put her feet up on the back of a movie theater chair, police said. A group of about five sitting in front asked her to take them down. She did.

They all settled in to watch ``House of the Dead'' when Jose Pujols' cell phone started to ring, police said.

``The girl's father asked him to put his phone away and he wouldn't and they got into an argument. (The father) put his feet on the back of (Jose's) chair,'' Crowley said.

``Jose pulled out a knife, turned around and stabbed him in the foot.''

Well, there ya go. The Sox make it into the playoffs and the hole town gets crazy. Wahoo.

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