Thursday, October 30, 2003

Forget the hearse parked in the driveway and the fog machines belching smoke around the gargoyles crouching on the front porch. The twin Batman logos projected onto the garage last weekend let revelers know what kind of fun was in store. As if they didn't know.

Halloween arrived early this year in a quiet neighborhood in suburban Chicago, home to Alex Ross, one of the most influential comic book artists working today.

"There are a couple of artists at his level of popularity — Jim Lee and Frank Miller," said Chip Kidd, who, along with Geoff Spear, wrote "Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross," published by Pantheon this month. "But there are very few who fit the bill of comic book artist as rock star, and Alex is definitely one of them."

On Saturday night Mr. Ross and his wife, T. J., turned their house into Superhero Central. The scene was Gotham City and Metropolis rolled into one, as 200 elaborately costumed guests piled in. Nightwing and Green Lantern compared notes on Batman over drinks with Catwoman, Scarecrow and the Penguin, and the Green Hornet and Kato mingled with intergalactic warriors from "Battle of the Planets." The Rosses' yellow Labrador, Indiana, was there as Underdog.

This is mostly for MikE! & D, both of whom dug MARVELS in a big way. Pretty good article, too. Go enjoy.

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