Monday, October 06, 2003

A Sky News correspondent who resigned after faking a report on the war in Iraq has been found dead at his home.
James Forlong, 44, was discovered by his wife Elaine just after 0230 BST on Saturday at Hove in East Sussex.

Mrs Forlong said on Wednesday that her husband had been "shattered" after losing his job.

In a statement, Mrs Forlong said that she and their 15-year-old son Christopher - who has Down's Syndrome - and 12-year-old daughter Katie were in a state of shock.

Y'know, I stopped paying attention to this a little while ago, but it's remarkable how many reporters (especially Brit reporters) attached to the Iraq war have turned up croaked, mostly for "normal" reasons. I dunno if I smell a conspiracy, but I'm pretty glad I haven't pursued the reporting gig. 'specially the Brit reporting gig. I don't really wanna be dead 'cause of Jr's hissy fit, y'know?

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