Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I need, NEED, something to make my little world more exciting. Seriously, I'm at the point of setting random pedestrians on fire just for a giggle. Riding the bus IS NOT EXCITING. Managing a bunch of quiet little folk as they work their wiles on circuit boards IS NOT EXCITING. Living in a quiet, pleasant, pretty part of a polite city IS NOT EXCITING.

I'm not whining. Swear to Christ, I'm not. I love my girl, happy to be close to friends who were too far away for too long and I'm digging Jet City, but man, there's nothing like a few days in NYC and the surrounding country to make you feel like you've gone fifteen rounds with Tyson, crossed the DMZ waving an American flag and swam the English Channel with a dozen Great Whites on yer ass and are therefore entitled to as much oxygen, nicotine and alcohol as you feel like consuming. The stress of daily living is what it is, and it's nothing to discount, but really, I'm very much feeling the need to be in some sort of life-threatening situation RIGHT GODDAMNED NOW.

Right. Just venting. Please continue reading peacefully.

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