Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Oct. 7 — Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian-born policeman’s son-turned-actor who began his quest to be governor of California on a TV talk show, won the office late Tuesday, as projected by NBC News based on exit polling. Voters apparently rejected the embattled Gov. Gray Davis in a closely watched, at-times bizarre campaign, calling for change in the direction of the nation’s most populous state and its battered economy, the world’s fifth-largest.

Davis became the first California governor pried from office and only the second nationwide to be recalled, in a remarkable campaign that featured one of the planet’s best-known entertainers and captivated an international audience.

Early tallies showed the recall favored by 1,019,874 voters, or 57.5 percent, and opposed by 755,375, or 42.6 percent.

Other early returns had Schwarzenegger ahead with 951,437 votes; Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante with 548,069; Republican state Sen. Tom McClintock with 225,799; and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo with 32,334.

All right, that's it, everybody out of the pool. If you're not gonna take this whole voting/government thing seriously, then you don't get to play anymore.

Now, everybody in California, spank yourselves, put yourselves to bed without any supper and ground yourselves for the next month.

You morons.

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