Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Since the day our ancestors climbed fin over flipper from the primordial ooze, we have been driven by one single, basic urge; a force so primal in its simplicity that all other human accomplishment has been little more than a happy side-effect. No, it's not self-betterment, exploration or the will to get it on with members of the opposite sex. We are of course talking about the need to whup some serious ass.

From LETHAL WEAPONS: A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MAKING THINGS DEAD. Go, read. Here's the secret, btw. Go to FARK and click on just about any link. Then when you get there, find another link on the same page. Keep doing that until you find the article/picture/vidclip that makes you blink a few times and laugh/nod/cringe and then post the fucker up.

Easy way to blog, for lazy fuckers like me.

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